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Summer Island Maldives

summer island maldives

If I have a white sand beach and a cocktail, I am usually happy and in heaven. When arriving at Summer Island Maldives I had exactly this feeling. The nature and surrounding there was breathtaking and sparking of beauty especially seeing all these surreal colors. You have to know that the islands on the Maldives are small and there is usually not a whole lot to do, but this is exactly what I need to relax and soak up new energy.

White sand beaches & nature

Waking up early can give you a spectacular experience

Make sure to check the internet for the exact sunrise und get ready a few minutes early. Just sitting on the beach and listening to the quiet gives you this feeling of calmness and peace. Sitting there in the middle of the ocean with so much beauty is one thing you should not miss @ Summer Island.

A visit to the bar at the right time

…will also give you some extraordinary moments on Summer Island Maldives. We loved to have cocktails at the bar and watched the sun set by the infinity pool.

Shark and ray feeding at the jetty

There is a shark and ray feeding taking place where the boats usually arrive. You can check in the lobby when this will take place.

Honeymoon on a budget

If you are traveling from Europe the flight is about 9 hours if you go direct. And even though the hotel with all inclusive package is fairly cheap I would consider Summer Islands Maldives as a great spot for a honeymoon. It is fairly small and their rooms are nice and private. The service is good but we usually tip our waiters and most of the time the service is upgraded to great in just a minute.

Tip your waiters and you will have the best service – just a few dollars will do the trick.

Secure the best rooms on Summer Island Maldives

We love the crystal clear turquoise water but this always depends on the sun. We think, that a west facing room is always a bonus point because you can enjoy the pristine water almost all day long + have an amazing sunset at your doorstep. Compared to east facing rooms where you have the sunrise (which you most likely will miss) and the amazing water in the afternoon. When walking around the island we found the west side more appealing and private with little hide aways.

On a vacation spot like the Maldives an open shower contributes a lot to an exotic experience – so yes we do suggest to take a room with an open shower! One might say, but how about the over water bungalows? We have not experienced the over water bungalows – so we can’t comment on that.

One thing we would definitely avoid is booking a garden room (facing towards the center of the island) they looked tiny and also not very inviting.

Our first choice would be the exact room we had: Superior Beach room with an open shower on the west side of the island (for a detailed description check out their room descriptions on the resorts website)Summer Island Maldives Map best rooms

The best time to travel to Summer Island Maldives

The good weather season is around December to May where they have the least amount of rain.


white sand beaches on the maldives

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