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5 tips to create an expensive looking wedding on a budget

The wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be expensive. With these simple tricks you can have your best day ever on a budget but shining like a diamond to be remembered. Yes, you have to invest some time and craft into it, but with our help your expensive looking wedding will be long talked about.

The most important part is your wedding design. Everything should look like it is made intentionally and is well thought through. Having stationary, decoration, and favours all look like they are made together will make one expensive looking wedding. Adding in the flowers and there you have it! Our 5 tips include examples on how we would design a simple DIY wedding to look like $$$!

1. Decide on a design style and run with it

When everything looks like it matches you have the glamour effect. A well thought through wedding concept is usually expensive, but with a little help of your friends you can pull that off yourself. So think about the theme: Modern, traditional, bohemian, vintage,… there are a lot of themes to choose from.
Create your own logo and use it on your invitations, menus, folders and give aways to brand your special event for others to remember.

2. Simple colors

A single colored theme paired with a lot of white can look extra expensive. Or, you can also go for a sleek minimalist look. Aside from looking extra elegant and expensive, a minimalist color theme will save you on decor costs. We believe in quality over quantity. A few key pieces that stand out is enough to make your wedding look like it’s worth a lot more.

3. Be prepared to work on your invitations & decoration

With a little DIY you can save tons of money and stay within your budget. There are options for “print your own” wedding stationary/invites as well as posters which match the style of your wedding. If you are having a smaller wedding you can even print the invitations on your printer at home at a very low cost.

4. DIY wedding signs & posters

A custom sign/poster is a real attention grabber and also a photo spot for your guests. You don’t have to be artistically gifted when making your own custom sign. Wood from your hardware store and these simple templates will help you create a cohesive visual language for your event. For smaller tables or instructional posters you can use our simple print out and trace posters. Tracing them with a metallic marker make them feel handmade and beautiful. It will look like you have hired a calligrapher to create these artworks for you.
See if you can come up with low cost decorations that match the styles and you are all set. You can add metallic accents using spray paint instead of using actual gold or silver pieces. This simple trick is a good way to add that expensive touch in a very inexpensive way!

5. Focus on the details

Small hangers for your give aways, or the thank you card for your guests? Printed bags for left overs or a branded coloring book for kids at the wedding. These little thinks make big impressions and your DIY wedding look expensive. Try to find things you have never seen before at a wedding and surprise your guest with something unusual.

In our experience the simpler the wedding design the more modern and expensive your DIY wedding is going to look. It is important to let the bride and groom shine and not focus too much on the surrounding. Underlining them with simple statement pieces will add to that expensive look.






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