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Benefits of a minimal wedding

After thinking it through, you and your partner might rethink this big wedding you are planning and settle for minimal wedding you will love. What do you want your life to be? How should your future together look and what are you planning to accomplish? Here are some benefits of a minimal wedding for you to think about.

Most of the couples start with planning their big day right away when all they should do is talk and figure out their future before thinking about the scope of the wedding. Lets be honest – it is 1 day and it can easily cost you a fortune. Why not start this adventure with a quick brainstorm about your goals in the future (for yourself and you as a family). Our goals worksheet will help you figuring out what is important to you and your partner. With this small exercise you will find out, that e.g. it would make more sense to spend the $20,000 on the downpayment for a house rather than celebrating for 8 hours and have it all be gone.

Most of the people who go through this exercise will opt for a smaller and more private wedding in order to cut down the costs. The most popular reasons are: Save money for house downpayment or other investments, more quality time with guests, layed back atmosphere and less time to organize.

How we would plan our minimal wedding

  1. Invite fewer guests: Make your guest list based on your enjoyment not to impress people. And with a few simple rules your not invited guests will understand why they are not invited. People fear that others would be mad, but speaking from experience – they will understand. A smaller circle of people will also allow you to spend quality time with your guests. This will cut down your costs on every item for the wedding.
  2. Don’t spend a fortune on dress & bridesmaids dresses: Your dress doesn’t have to be from a specific designer. You are wearing this dress once and your spouse also loves you without an expensive dress. Focus on what is important – your love.
  3. Create wedding stationary yourself: Wedding DIY gives you the great advantage; you can design it exactly the way you want it to look and even print it on your computer. There are lots of great options to choose from and this also allows you to have a consistent wedding theme. Create all stationary and decoration in one style and your cheap wedding will sparkle.
  4. Eliminate wedding favors: Be honest – can you remember one wedding favor you actually enjoyed? – yeah… me neither. Save yourself time and money and just ignore this tradition.
  5. Be creative with decoration and center pieces: Try to find ways to incorporate living plants. They have the benefit that they can move into your home and give you joy & memories for years to come. Also using materials you can find in the woods can cut down your costs drastically. Branches, ferns or eucalyptus are a great decoration for a minimal wedding.

But don’t worry – minimal doesn’t mean non existing. With our 5 tips to create an expensive looking wedding you can stay on budget and have a great ceremony & celebration.

You will see, that after the wedding you are glad you didn’t overspend and still had the best day of your life.


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