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Airy Ampersand Font

ampersand font unique &

The Airy Ampersand Font is a font based on hand drawn ampersands I created during a #100daychallenge. It is perfect for the use in wedding stationary, cards, posters or just as a design highlight. Some of the 36 unique ampersand designs are very different to what you might expect of an “&” but that is the beauty of creativity – you never know where it might take you.

Download the font and start creating.♥

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Font details

Airy Ampersand is a uni character font (.otf) consisting of 36 unique ampersands created by Twentysix.

36 unique vector ampersands that you can use for your next design project: branding projects, identity, labels, badges, wedding invitations, wedding stationery, save the date, thank you cards, stamps, stickers and so many more!

Included with the font file is also a poster showcasing all different ampersands for you to print out and use as a reference. (A-Z & 0-9)

Why create an ampersand font?

I often have the problem that I can’t find what I need – this is true for “in store products” or online. This should be a motivation to create what you need and make it available to other people. Most people look for it, can’t find it and give up. Even if you are not a designer or a developer you can make you and other people happy. So let me tell you a story about me trying to find the perfect “&” for a wedding invitation.

While on the hunt, looking for ampersands (that’s the correct name for “&”) I was even willing to pay money to find one that is elegant, simple and unique. But all I got was the same old ones you can find with a basic google search. I am not good with drawing so I ended up retracing a hand drawn one – pretty lame I know. By that time, I was okay with it but when the next request for a wedding invitation came around (I sometimes do these for friends) I was pretty annoyed to have to go on the hunt again.

100 Day Project

And with that the #100DayProject #100DaysOfAmpersands was born. To achieve the style I was looking for, I used my copic markers and started drawing a new ampersand each day for 100 days. This seemed like an impossible task at the beginning and endet with a ritual, I started looking forward to each morning.

Which just left me with tracing them and creating my new custom ampersand font “Airy Ampersands“. I started this project without the intention to create a product and it ended up with a product, that a lot of people with the same pain points of looking for something other than the things available, can enjoy.

Even though I created  a hundred different ampersands, I decided to only incorporate 36 of them into an object font.

You are looking for unique ampersands? Great, visit my page on gumroad!

Every once in a while you need to follow your passion, so I followed my dream of creating a font of unique ampersands.

ampersand font unique &

ampersand font unique brush &

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