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5 reasons why you should move to a different country while you are young

move to a different country when you are young

Thinking about moving to foreign country? We give you 5 reasons why you should move to a different country while you are still young and adventurous.

Usually I am a woman who is more comfortable in the back not wanting to be in the center stage and rather keeping to myself. Always with a little self doubt. Yes, I would call myself an introvert with a desire to have my private time and enough room to dream.

Growing up, fitting in was one of the number one topics in my head, without knowing why I had the desire to please others or why I so desperately wanted to be like all the others. This state of mind would be persistent for the first 24 years of my life.

My than boyfriend (now husband) got a job offer from a big software company in Seattle and I had to decide whether I want to move over the big pond to the US with him. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it changed my life forever and I will always thank him for putting me in this “situation”.

I had my fair share of doubt and panic attacks because up to this time, I never ever considered moving away more than 50km from my hometown in Austria. But yes, I was up for a 8.500km move.

What was planned to be a 1 year adventure turned out to be a 4 year stay in the US. This move  influenced the way I act, think and treat other people. I would not want to miss a day of my journey to become a woman with more self esteem, an open mind and a different way to think about life and what matters most.

To move to a different country other than Austria or Germany was the best decision I could make in my twenties. Ready for my 5 take-aways?


5 reasons why you should move to a different country while you are young

1. Discover the real you

The move to a different country is hard, but being away from your familiar surroundings brings out a new grown up side of yourself. You get more life experience in a short amount of time and you are allowed to make mistakes. Nobody knows you in this new country and you can test yourself. Sometimes it is good, to have to do things you normally would not do (or are scared to do) because there is another person in your family to help you out.

2. See the world with different eyes

New country – new culture. After some time you will quickly see the differences and adapt some parts of this new culture. This helped me a lot to learn to have empathy and unterstand different points of view. You will be more open minded and learn to appreciate things in life you took for granted. It truly changed the way I interact with people nowadays.

3. Focus on yourself

People in Europe tend to keep themselves busy and engaged in work & social actions for most part of their time. I realized pretty quickly that moving to a different country frees up a lot of time, which would be otherwise planned for social gatherings, meet ups, family dinners and so on.  It takes time to build a new circle of friends in your new surrounding. And this keeps you thinking lot more about yourself and what you value the most. I felt truly free for the first time in my life. Without wanting to fit in or be like someone else. I love my friends and family, but I also learned that there is the right dosage for everything. It is okay to say no!

You need to be free to be your best self.

4. The world is your playground

Knowing all these things about yourself gives you a great boost in self-esteem and results in helping you evaluating risks. People who live a life away from home tend to be more open to new situations and usually push themselves to new heights. This is true for personal as well as business life.  I feel comfortable making decisions and taking risks because I know that even if it doesn’t go to plan, I will always find another way. You can do anything, you just have to know where to invest your time and energy. Especially in the US, people practice this thinking – they always believe in themselves and accomplish great things. When you reach your goals wenn you are young, the whole world is your playground and you are more likely to follow your dreams!

5. The adventure

Of course, moving to a foreign country all by yourself is the ultimate adventure. You will be excited for a long time and the places, which you are going to see are probably breathtaking and mind blowing. We decided we wanted to see as much as we can in the time we are in the US. So for us these 4 years were one big adventure. Each and every free day was dedicated to travel, road tripping and discovering places around our new home. We felt like we were on vacation the whole time.


These are our 5 reasons why you should move to a different country while you are still young – there are many more! Being young, without a family to support and a mortgage to pay we definitely learned what it meant to be free and therefore we felt really good when we decided to settle down and have a family – we had our great adventure and would not miss one day of it.


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