simple weddings

Benefits of a minimal wedding

After thinking it through, you and your partner might rethink this big wedding you are planning and settle for minimal wedding you will love. What do you want your life to be? How should your future together look and what are you planning to accomplish? Here are some benefits of a minimal wedding for you to think about.

Most of the couples start with planning their big day right away when all they should do is talk and figure out their future before thinking about the scope of the wedding. Lets be honest – it is 1 day and it can easily cost you a fortune. Why not start this adventure with a quick brainstorm about your goals in the future (for yourself and you as a family). Our goals worksheet will help you figuring out what is important to you and your partner. With this small exercise you will find out, that e.g. it would make more sense to spend the $20,000 on the downpayment for a house rather than celebrating for 8 hours and have it all be gone.

simple weddings

5 tips to create an expensive looking wedding on a budget

The wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be expensive. With these simple tricks you can have your best day ever on a budget but shining like a diamond to be remembered. Yes, you have to invest some time and craft into it, but with our help your expensive looking wedding will be long talked about.

The most important part is your wedding design. Everything should look like it is made intentionally and is well thought through. Having stationary, decoration, and favours all look like they are made together will make one expensive looking wedding. Adding in the flowers and there you have it! Our 5 tips include examples on how we would design a simple DIY wedding to look like $$$!

white beaches

Summer Island Maldives

summer island maldives

If I have a white sand beach and a cocktail, I am usually happy and in heaven. When arriving at Summer Island Maldives I had exactly this feeling. The nature and surrounding there was breathtaking and sparking of beauty especially seeing all these surreal colors. You have to know that the islands on the Maldives are small and there is usually not a whole lot to do, but this is exactly what I need to relax and soak up new energy.

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5 reasons why you should move to a different country while you are young

move to a different country when you are young

Thinking about moving to foreign country? We give you 5 reasons why you should move to a different country while you are still young and adventurous.

Usually I am a woman who is more comfortable in the back not wanting to be in the center stage and rather keeping to myself. Always with a little self doubt. Yes, I would call myself an introvert with a desire to have my private time and enough room to dream.

Growing up, fitting in was one of the number one topics in my head, without knowing why I had the desire to please others or why I so desperately wanted to be like all the others. This state of mind would be persistent for the first 24 years of my life.


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